Picking Up the Pieces… Day One & I’m Dropping the B-Word

  [fb_button]   Wow… I knew it had been a long time, but I didn’t realize it has been over three months since I have blogged.  The last post I wrote was about starting to heal from what was likely late onset postpartum depression.  At that time, I had started […]

Judge Me if You Want, I’m Still Taking the Drugs

[fb_button]   You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in awhile, or maybe you don’t care at all, I don’t know, but yeah so… I haven’t blogged in over a month.  The reason is because I’ve come down with a case of the crazies.  Now if you’re someone that […]

Never Enough…

[fb_button]    If anyone is still out there following my blog, you’ve probably wondered why you haven’t heard much from me lately… I wish I had some interesting excuse for where I’ve been like an elephant stepped on my computer while I was on safari in South Africa, but the […]

A Day in the Life of a Mom?

[fb_button]   You may have seen on the Mom Light blog’s Facebook page a question about whether I should take anxiety medication while breastfeeding.  If you’ve been wondering why I asked, here is a recap of the other day, after which my therapist suggested I consider anxiety meds.  The caveat […]

A Little Background on Me & A Pep Talk for You

[fb_button]   Growing up, my parents were short on most everything.  Being just [college] kids at the time that they became parents, they were always struggling with money, they were definitely low on patience, and [sorry to say mom and dad] they came up a bit shy as to knowing […]

Help, I’m NOT Mom Enough – A Confession

[fb_button]   DISCLAIMER:  This blog post wasn’t written to spark a debate about whether breastfeeding a three year old is weird or gross or to argue for or against one style of parenting.  My belief is that any child who has a mom that is working their butt off to […]

Weathering Frakenstorm to Say Goodbye to Grandma

[fb_button]   As hurricane Sandy was getting closer and closer to our home, it became increasingly evident that my Grandmother was getting closer and closer to making a trip to her awaiting home in the sky.  I wanted to see her one last time to say goodbye.  So, as Frankenstorm […]

How Having a Baby Affected Our Marriage

[fb_button]   Preface:  My husband is an awesome man, and I don’t want this post to make him look anything less.  It was just that in my experience, women get a mommy instinct much quicker. My second child is now four months old.  Before he was born, all I heard […]

An Interview with Myself to See How I Feel about Turning 30

[fb_button]   It’s good to check in with “you” every so often, but with the rapid pace of life in our digital world, we rarely stop to take time for ourselves let alone process our emotions. As another decade in my life ends, I figured now is as good a […]

What It Was Like Unplugging for a Day

[fb_button]   Now that you know why I unplugged for a day, here is a recap of what the day was actually like. Have you ever pitched a tent and camped out in your backyard?  It’s not exactly the same as sleeping in a tent in the middle of the […]