Top Ten Signs You’re a Mom

[fb_button]   Besides obvious things like the fact that you pee your pants when you sneeze, here are the top ten signs you’re a mom.  You know, just in case you’re so sleep deprived at this point that you’re not really even sure whose kids those are… You might be […]

Picking Up the Pieces… Day One & I’m Dropping the B-Word

  [fb_button]   Wow… I knew it had been a long time, but I didn’t realize it has been over three months since I have blogged.  The last post I wrote was about starting to heal from what was likely late onset postpartum depression.  At that time, I had started […]

The Very Hungry Mommy

[fb_button]     I dedicate this to all of the mothers who have gone years without a hot meal and as a result, have suffered from hanger.   In the light of the moon, a mom lay in her bed each night. Every morning at the ass crack of dawn […]

Stuff I Never Worried About Before Kids

[fb_button]   I’ve done a post on this topic before, but when I spend time with childless friends, it never ceases to amaze me how different my life is. One big change since becoming a mom has been to the things I worry about in my life.  I went from routinely […]

If You Ask a Toddler About Their Day…

[fb_button]   I recently read that it’s good practice to ask your kids an open-ended question about how their day was.  So, my husband and I started doing it anytime we remember (aka maybe three times now). When we have asked him, he has usually said something cute like, “I […]

A Day in the Life of a Mom?

[fb_button]   You may have seen on the Mom Light blog’s Facebook page a question about whether I should take anxiety medication while breastfeeding.  If you’ve been wondering why I asked, here is a recap of the other day, after which my therapist suggested I consider anxiety meds.  The caveat […]

A Letter to My Pregnant, Child-Less Self: Afterthoughts

[fb_button]   The publicity of my Letter to My Pregnant, Child-Less Self on Scary Mommy has brought me much love here on the Mom Light blog, but it has also brought out some haters. Some of the non-fans have said how I made it seem like my kids have ruined […]

A Questionably Helpful Guide to What Babies Like

[fb_button]   Have you ever noticed that your baby seems (or seemed) drawn to certain things over others?  I find that mine is mostly interested in things that he could sustain injury from including: Toilets (one of my kids actually scooped a cup of toilet water once and drank it…. […]

Would Ya Wednesday: My Husband Chokes on the Foot in His Mouth

[fb_button]   For our first “Would Ya Wednesday,” I posed the question: Would you rather have your husband tell you not to worry about your son’s new hot teacher because she is “way out of his league” OR would you rather find out after the job interview that your skirt […]

How to Avoid a Hormone Induced Throat Punch: What Not to Say to a Post Partum Woman

[fb_button]   “You look great for just having a baby” is a phrase used exclusively by two groups of people: idiots lacking self-awareness and jealous B’s who use it as a backhanded compliment in a passive aggressive manner. In case you fall into the “lacking self-awareness” category, I’ll be nice and […]