Picking Up the Pieces… Day One & I’m Dropping the B-Word

  [fb_button]   Wow… I knew it had been a long time, but I didn’t realize it has been over three months since I have blogged.  The last post I wrote was about starting to heal from what was likely late onset postpartum depression.  At that time, I had started […]

Parenting Little Ones – Not Like Riding a Bike

[fb_button]   I’m in DC for a meeting for work.  My baby is here with me because I’m still breastfeeding.  My mom is also here because she is helping to take care of the little guy while I’m in my meeting.  One day of babysitting, and she’s like, “woah, how […]

Adventures in Cooking with Kelly – Learn How [Not] to Make Bread

[fb_button]   Like most women, I tend to beat myself up all too frequently.  I tell myself that I’m not doing enough, whether it’s for my kids, my husband, or my job and push myself to do more instead of giving myself credit for the boatload of things that I […]

A Raw Look at the Emotion of Going Back to Work from Maternity Leave

[fb_button]   As I boarded my roller coaster of emotion Tuesday morning, I felt pretty good.  I told myself returning to work from maternity leave would be different this time around.  I really believed it would be easier because this isn’t my first experience.  I know what to expect.  I […]

Breastfeed your First Child for your Future Children

[fb_button] When you welcome the first child into your life, you are overtaken with a love so deep that you didn’t know it was possible.  It is absolutely amazing… followed by absolutely exhausting, which is promptly followed by nerve wracking, overwhelming, chaotic and confusing. No matter how much “experience” you […]