A Conversation with Husband, Better Known as A Convo with Myself

[fb_button]   Proof that men can hear, but listening is selective… Our Monday Morning Madness: Me:  Ugh, I have a migraine and feel like I’m gonna throw up.  Can you pack the lunches? Husband:  ….. …. … Me:  I’m going to grab clothes for the boys.  Will you change the […]

7 Reasons NOT to Get a Dog if You Have (or ever want to have) a Baby

[fb_button]   If you have or want a baby, why shouldn’t you get a dog? 1.  It will wake up the baby. 2.  It will wake up the f*#@ing baby. 3.  You will spend an average of 17 hours a day trying to get the baby to sleep and then […]

A Letter to My Pregnant, Child-Less Self: Afterthoughts

[fb_button]   The publicity of my Letter to My Pregnant, Child-Less Self on Scary Mommy has brought me much love here on the Mom Light blog, but it has also brought out some haters. Some of the non-fans have said how I made it seem like my kids have ruined […]

Protected: Motherhood is Funny, but this Shit is Serious – The Great Debate: Ball Taps -vs- Birthing Babies

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Would Ya Wednesday: My Husband Chokes on the Foot in His Mouth

[fb_button]   For our first “Would Ya Wednesday,” I posed the question: Would you rather have your husband tell you not to worry about your son’s new hot teacher because she is “way out of his league” OR would you rather find out after the job interview that your skirt […]

Maybe a Swift Kick in the Nuts Will Get Me Some Help with the Baby at Night?

[fb_button]   My husband (David) says that he loves sleep so much that our kids, who seem to hate sleep, can’t have his genetics.  At night, sometimes I wonder where the father of my children is as well as David sleeps through most everything.  When he does wake up at […]

Parenting Little Ones – Not Like Riding a Bike

[fb_button]   I’m in DC for a meeting for work.  My baby is here with me because I’m still breastfeeding.  My mom is also here because she is helping to take care of the little guy while I’m in my meeting.  One day of babysitting, and she’s like, “woah, how […]

How to Avoid a Hormone Induced Throat Punch: What Not to Say to a Post Partum Woman

[fb_button]   “You look great for just having a baby” is a phrase used exclusively by two groups of people: idiots lacking self-awareness and jealous B’s who use it as a backhanded compliment in a passive aggressive manner. In case you fall into the “lacking self-awareness” category, I’ll be nice and […]

Patty the Perfect Parent Gets Drunk

[fb_button]   So I had drinks with that biotch Patty.  You know her.  She’s the perfect mom.  Although a friend of a friend told me that they heard Patty thought she did something wrong once – it turns out she was mistaken. Oh… and her kid?  He’s perfect too.  In […]