Honesty is the best policy, right?  Maybe not for my husband if he says he doesn’t like my new haircut, but for the blogging community, honesty is so important.  Why?  Hold on to your hat because I’m about to drop a bomb on you – not everything you read on the Internet is true and straightforward.  Gasp.

The Internet can provide you with a fountain of legitimate knowledge, but it can also serve you a stack of crap so high you can’t see over it.  How do you differentiate?  It can be difficult, but the Federal Trade Commission has stepped in to attempt to help readers.

The FTC now mandates, in an 80+ page very straightforward (hah) document, that all blogs disclose any sponsored (read: paid) writing or product endorsements.  This allows readers to decide on their own whether the writer is recommending a product because they have been paid and/or received a free sample, or because they actually believe in that product.

Here is how the above applies to In the Mom Light…

My street name is “Candid Kelly.”  I earned this name by being overly honest, even when it is not socially appropriate.  I have been working on my P’s and Q’s, but as far as this website is concerned, I ALWAYS “blog with integrity.”  The trust of readers is too important to me to do anything less.

Blogging with integrity means:

  • I will always disclose financial relationships with advertisers or sponsors.
  • I will never let those relationships influence the “Candid Kelly” opinion.
  • There are products in my posts that no one has asked me to recommend, but that I love, thus, recommend.  In an effort to support my family, if I love a product, I will do my best to make a small commission off of that product via various affiliate programs… who wouldn’t?
  • If there is a link on my site that looks like an advertisement, then it probably is an advertisement.

At In the Mom Light, I do my best to publish factual sources of information, differentiate when I’m sharing my opinion, and disclose if I have been paid to write anything.

Since we’re in the spirit of disclosure, I also feel the need to inform you that while you may find my content extremely helpful, I’m not actually any of the following:

  • A doctor
  • A nutritionist
  • Mentally stable all of the time
  • A lactation consultant
  • A licensed therapist
  • Or anything else you may think I am that could get me in trouble

If you have any questions about the above information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.