Top Ten Signs You’re a Mom

[fb_button]   Besides obvious things like the fact that you pee your pants when you sneeze, here are the top ten signs you’re a mom.  You know, just in case you’re so sleep deprived at this point that you’re not really even sure whose kids those are… You might be […]

Picking Up the Pieces… Day One & I’m Dropping the B-Word

  [fb_button]   Wow… I knew it had been a long time, but I didn’t realize it has been over three months since I have blogged.  The last post I wrote was about starting to heal from what was likely late onset postpartum depression.  At that time, I had started […]

Happy Time Change!

[fb_button]   Happy time change friends 😉

Judge Me if You Want, I’m Still Taking the Drugs

[fb_button]   You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in awhile, or maybe you don’t care at all, I don’t know, but yeah so… I haven’t blogged in over a month.  The reason is because I’ve come down with a case of the crazies.  Now if you’re someone that […]

Wake Training your Husband

[fb_button]   Sure there are supposed “proven” sleep training techniques for your baby, but once you’ve tried swaddling, pacifiers, swings, black out shades, noise machines, blow dryers (yes this actually works sometimes), inclined beds, cryyyyyy it outtttt, stomach sleeping (without telling a soul, of course), stuffed animals with heart beats, […]

Robot Children

[fb_button]   “I only make boys.” -My Husband And… so far we have two boys.  One day, should I find myself mentally stable enough to think I could handle three kids but still crazy enough to go for it, it would be cool to have a girl so I wouldn’t […]

Seven Things Wives Want Their Husbands to Know

[fb_button]   Preface:  Men, try to keep your rage fit under control.  This is just for fun.  Women, enjoy 😉 Seven Things Wives Want Their Husbands to Know 1.  I’m not a passenger seat driver; I’m just a thoughtful navigator. 2.  Yes you can in fact use the bathroom in […]

Father’s Day Pin Fails

[fb_button]      So… as usual, I was feeling like a bit of a fail.  This time it was because of the holiday formerly known as Father’s Day now known as “Opportunity to Show Off My Latest Pinterest Wonder Day.”  While I’m not always great at cooking, I am actually […]

I Want to Kick a Bunny

[fb_button]   WTF have I done to myself? Yesterday, I decided to try to teach my 3 year old to be nice to wild animals. It started because a budding little sociopath befriended my son at the playground. This little boy, whose mom looked about as high as Lindsay Lohan […]

Never Enough…

[fb_button]    If anyone is still out there following my blog, you’ve probably wondered why you haven’t heard much from me lately… I wish I had some interesting excuse for where I’ve been like an elephant stepped on my computer while I was on safari in South Africa, but the […]