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When you became a mom, did you have any idea how many people already knew how to raise your children better than you?  Were you prepared for them to so willingly share their advice?  Did you realize that the people with the best parenting advice are the ones that don’t have kids?

If you’re like me, you sure as hell weren’t prepared for the “mom light” as I call it.  The “mom light” is on you from the moment sperm meets egg.  From then on, your every move is suddenly spotlighted and evaluated.  People question your parenting choices – you’re pregnant, should you be eating that?  Are you really letting your child go there?  OMG, you’re letting your baby cry it out?!?  How did “mom knows best” become a popular saying with all of the people that apparently know better?

Well, mom does know best, and my vision is for all moms to feel confident in that.  My original mission for the In the Mom Light website was to help empower moms who visit this site to make the best possible decisions for their family.  While empowering moms is still a part of what I do here, over time I have found that the readers of my blog connected most with finding the humor “in the mom light.”  So, most of my posts these days are purely meant to provide comic relief from your everyday tough job of child rearing.   

Moms at In the Mom Light blog never take themselves too seriously, but can be kind of intense about their parenting.  Two things unite us – we are busting our asses to raise healthy, confident, and well-adjusted children, but at the same time, we want to feel good about ourselves and our parenting.  I believe that feeling good about yourself means never taking yourself too seriously.  When we laugh together about the realities of motherhood, we know we aren’t alone and feel better.

I am a realist, so complaining about the many, not so fun, aspects of being a mom is acceptable here, even welcomed, but at the end of the day, my hope is that we all just have “those days,” but we are feeling happy and confident more often than not.

In the pages of In the Mom Light blog, I chronicle my own journey to find confidence as a parent.  It’s usually funny and always interesting, and although I do try to stay positive, I promise to never sugar coat the road ahead.  So… hold on to your mom jeans and try not to wet your pants (thanks to that post baby [lack of] bladder control).  Admit you’re not perfect, but that you’re doing your best.  Give yourself a break, have a drink, and embrace being In the Mom Light.  I know you are awesome.

Now go wipe someone’s butt and try not to get crap everywhere while you’re at it…

Meet the Author and yes, I am also the mom blogger behind the infamous Letter to My Pregnant, Childless Self.

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