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I’m Kelly Claire.  I’m a mom, wife, writer, smart ass (some say), recovering perfectionist, and now, blogger extraordinaire.  I have always been a problem solver and a closet geek (well, it wasn’t always such a secret as evidenced by this picture).

With motherhood, I discovered that there are less hours in the day for moms than for the general public.  I suddenly no longer had time for flawless makeup, bottle blonde hair, and perfectly picked outfits, and I, surprisingly, didn’t care that much. Although… I can’t lie.  I am still just a wee bit shallow and really hate when someone tags a makeup-less picture of me on Facebook (rapid untag/block friend).

Anyway, in the search for my lost time, l found it wasn’t solely being taken up by the demands of a new baby.  I was spending my spare minutes researching parenting related topics instead of the latest diet or makeup tricks.  I suppose I had new priorities, who knew?  Although I had new priorities, one thing was still the same – my confidence… or should I say, lack there of.  Being “in the mom light” with no confidence meant that I was straight served on a platter to the mom predators, and it got a bit ugly.

But, amidst the judgment and unsolicited advice, I knew one thing for sure – I wanted to be the best mom I could be for my child, so I went to a therapist for help.  In the years since I started seeing her, I learned how to feel good about my decisions.  Then, I had baby #2 and kind of had to start all over in the whole motherhood confidence thing.  I’m always a work in progress, but since becoming a part of the blogging community, I have learned that I’m not alone in these feelings.

Here at In the Mom Light I chronicle my sometimes funny, always interesting journey to find confidence in this chaos called motherhood.  I hope you enjoy, but WARNING:  Sarcasm and snark seem to frequently drop by my blog 🙂

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