Robot Children



“I only make boys.” -My Husband

And… so far we have two boys.  One day, should I find myself mentally stable enough to think I could handle three kids but still crazy enough to go for it, it would be cool to have a girl so I wouldn’t be so outnumbered.  Although, right now, all I know is boys, and according to my husband he only makes boys so this is the way it’ll always be…

Anyway, tonight, when I was putting my oldest son to bed, he said to me, “I love you my sister,” to which I replied, “I’m not your sister, I’m your mommy silly boy,” and the following conversation ensued.

HIM:  But I want a sister.

ME:  Well then, tell your dad when we have another baby, he needs to make a sister.

HIM:  NOOOO I want a real sister, not a robot sister.

ME:  Oh, ok. What’s wrong with a robot sister?

HIM:  I don’t like robot children.

ME:  I wasn’t aware that you knew any “robot children.”

HIM:  Yea, they have scary buttons and weird eyes.

ME:  Interesting…. well who knows?  Maybe you’ll never have a sister then.

HIM:  No, we can have one.  We can just take Charolette from school and daddy can build her a bed.

ME:  Charlotte?  I thought she was a robot, no?  I’m relatively certain I’ve seen the girl with buttons on her before.

HIM = mind blown

Sorry in advance to Charlotte’s mom should my son start calling her robot girl 😉

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