A Conversation with Husband, Better Known as A Convo with Myself



A humor mom blog post about men's selective hearing capabilities

Proof that men can hear, but listening is selective…

Our Monday Morning Madness:

Me:  Ugh, I have a migraine and feel like I’m gonna throw up.  Can you pack the lunches?

Husband:  ….. …. …

Me:  I’m going to grab clothes for the boys.  Will you change the baby’s diaper?

Husband:  …. .. .. .. [Insert inaudible mumbles]… . ..    

Me:  We have to leave in t-minus 10 minutes and thing 1 is still in his pj’s.

Husband:  [dead air]

Me:  Today is our first swimming class so I’m sending thing 1’s swimsuit to daycare so they can change him before I pick him up.  Can you just remind them when you drop him off?

Husband:  [Insert sound of air moving as he “nods his head” while I’m on a different floor of the house obviously hearing the well known head nod sound.]

Me:  Are you listening?

Husband:  Yep.

Me:  Then why don’t you answer me?

Husband:  Grumble grumble…. I heard everything you said, and I saidddd “okay.”

Me:  Then you heard when I said there’s a giant purple gorilla lighting your truck on fire?

Husband:  I said okayyy!

Me:  My face hurts.

Husband:  Well, it’s killing me!!! HA HAH AHAHA HAHAHAHHAHAHAH <—SUPER pleased with himself.

Me:  I meant from the migraine jackass.

Mmmm, hmmm so they can hear what they want to and answer when they please as well…