If You Ask a Toddler About Their Day…


I recently read that it’s good practice to ask your kids an open-ended question about how their day was.  So, my husband and I started doing it anytime we remember (aka maybe three times now).

When we have asked him, he has usually said something cute like, “I had fun flying in a rocket ship.”  It was all fun and games until I started getting thrown under the bus for things I didn’t even do, which started on Valentines Day…

Daddy:  [just home from work] How was your day with mommy?

Toddler:  FUN! A man brought mommy flowers.

Me:  Yes, Daddy sent me those flowers because it’s Valentines Day.

Toddler:  No, the POS man gave them to you.

Me:  You mean the UPS man.

Toddler: NOOOO the POS man [insert level 3 meltdown]

Daddy:  I’m glad mommy liked the flowers.  I think it’s getting close to bedtime…

Ok, so I didn’t look too bad here.  Daddy seemed to understand the confusion, but then, the next day…

Daddy:  [returning from work] What did you guys do today?

Me:  We had a fun day, right buddy?

Toddler:  Ya, a man came to the house.

Daddy:  [wanting to see where he could take this] Oh really?  Tell me more about it…

Toddler:  He came to the house to take pictures of mommy.

Daddy:  Sounds interesting [looking at me with a grin].

Me:  [getting sick of this whole pretend thing making me look bad and gritting my teeth a bit] Yes, your son here was pretending to be a man and take my picture.

Daddy:  And then what?

Toddler:  Mommy beat me.

Both me and daddy:  WHAT?!?!

Toddler:  Ya, mommy beat me upstairs, and she beat me over there.

Me:  Ohhhh, he means we raced, and I didn’t let him win.

Daddy:  Uhhh huh.  I see what’s going on here… you were afraid he’d tell me about the “man.”

Me:  Is it beer o’clock yet?

Seriously, I feel like I’m on a hidden camera show or something here.  What if he starts saying these things in public?!?!

Daddy might really start to wonder if he had called home and heard our toddler during the episode where he was running around the house screaming, “Mommy put your pants back on,” because I was getting changed (that’s right, I managed to get out of pajamas into yoga pants at least once last week). 

One more thing (totally asking for a friend here) – do you know if they make muzzles for children? 


  1. Renee says:

    My son is totally the same! Though I LOVE is talkative nature, he can drive me bonkers! He constantly wants to play with me and get sooooooooooo disappointed when I say no. I’m looking forward to my 7 month old walking and talking so she can give him a run for his money! lol Gotta love our little boys!

    • Kelly says:

      I know, right? I hope that they can play together too. I like one on one time with them, but sometimes I just need to cook dinner or do something productive and I feel guilty when one or both want me to play!

  2. Seriously, the things they come out with. I starting to realize even when I talk about say my in-laws, I have to watch myself, because they are gong to rat me out and I am going to be left to hang out to dry on this one. Seriously, in a way I liked it better before they could talk, lol!!
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