A Questionable Conversation with My Husband


I had an interesting conversation with my husband last night, and I’m wondering if I’m a total nut bag, if it’s my hormones, or if other women do the same thing.

Here is what went down as we were about to get in bed:

David:  I’m going to get in bed.

Me:  Wait, I have a question.

David:  Ok.

David begins shutting door to bathroom that I am in.

Me:  What are you doing?  I just said I have a question, and you’re shutting the door in my face.

David:  I am going to bed, and I don’t want the light to get in the baby’s eyes when I open the bedroom door.

Me:  Ok, but I said I have a question, so it’s kind of rude to shut the door in my face and walk down the hall to open another door while I’m talking…

David:  [annoyed and peeking through a small opening in the door] anyway… what’s the question?

Me:  I don’t know I forgot, but I think it was important.  [long pondering pause]  No… never mind, it wasn’t important.

David:  Ok, I’m going to bed.

Me:  Wait, I just remembered my question, and it was important.  I was going to ask if I should wake the baby up to feed him before bed.

David:  No, absolutely not.

Me:  Ya, I think I’m going to do it.

David:  I’m not giving my opinion anymore.

Me:  NO, I NEED your opinion sometimes because I’m very indecisive, and you’re very confident with your decisions.  It’s just that here, I didn’t really want your opinion.

David:  Then, why did you ask?

Me:  I guess I was really just looking for you to affirm something I already knew I wanted to do.

David:  So how am I supposed to tell the difference between when you really have a question and when you’re just looking for affirmation?

Me:  I don’t know, but you should learn how.

David:  Good night.

This is a real convo, almost verbatim, that we had last night.  My poor husband, lol…

So tell me – am I the only woman who sometimes knows what she wants to do but just needs some sort of confirmation that it’s not a totally dumb idea?  Or am I a nut bag who needs to make an extra therapy appointment ASAP!?!?  I know… I know… what I really need to do is work on my confidence, which is WHY I go to therapy :)

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  1. Ha this sounds like a conversation I would have!
    Happy Little Feet recently posted..Nature dioramasMy Profile

  2. Carrie says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m totally making my hubby read this. He’s always asking why I want his opinion if I’m going to do what I want anyway! This explains it well :)
    Carrie recently posted..Shower Gift Idea: Hospital Survival KitMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      haha, I love when I find stuff that I can show my husband so he knows it’s not just me that no matter what dame he choose, she would do crazy stuff just like me – so show away!

  3. Jessica Kowalski says:

    Ha! I have this same conversation too….

  4. April@first time mom & dad says:

    I have those same convos with my husband all of the time. If he doesn’t affirm my ideas I tell him he is wrong and why. Now he tries to read me before answering. Your husband will learn this too, if you have enough of these rhetorical Q & A convos.
    April@first time mom & dad recently posted..STFU! 8-Months? Really?!My Profile

    • Kelly says:

      haha, I don’t know if he will learn because I’ve been driving in his head for years how I only need 2 things to keep me happy – sleep and food. Funny this comes up because as I sit here now, he is messing with both! I suppose he puts up with me ;-)

  5. I do this too. Poor guys. And “once a month” we have “the talk” about EVERYTHING that’s wrong with the world, the house, etc., etc., etc., ;)
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  6. If you’re a nutbag then I am too because this conversation sounds like one I would have with my husband as well. And I ALWAYS forget what I was going to say. I’ll often start saying something like “Do you ever wonder….. (Long pause because I forget what I was going to ask) and my husband will reply “…if you’re capable of finishing a sentence? Yes, I wonder that all the time”.
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  7. Ummm says:

    You are nuts!

  8. Amanda Mendoza says:

    I just learned about your blog a couple days ago and have been reading all your hilarious postings whenever I have a minute to breathe. I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old, and we did at one point have a dog, so I can totally relate to so many of your stories. This one in particular… I’m pretty sure I’ve had this exact conversation with my husband. So if you’re a nut bag, I’m pretty sure we’re in the same boat. Thanks for giving me something fun to read to help my sanity!

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