Introducing In the Mom Light!!!

The time has finally come… In the Mom Light is here!!!

I am writing my first post… in case that wasn’t clear by my weird little hand written post-it note image that I scanned into my computer because I don’t [yet] know how to make one of those pretty little Pinterest-worthy graphics 😉 .

I have been daydreaming about starting a website and blog for some time now, but I kept chickening out.  Then, a few months back, I saw something that compelled me to push forward despite being nervous…

I witnessed a group of moms arguing with other moms over their own parenting choices.  I was baffled.  With as much crap as moms take from outsiders; we sure as hell don’t need to turn on each other!  That’s when the name “In the Mom Light” came to me.  No matter where we turn, as a mom, we’re always in the spotlight.  These days you don’t even have to leave the house – social media attacks happen to parents on the daily just because they made a mistake… moms (and parents) are actually [gasp] human – who knew!?

Due to this intense “spotlight” placed on anyone who dares to embark on the adventure of raising another human, I felt compelled to do something positive… to create a place where moms can be united amidst a world that is so divided; after all, there is one thing that all moms have in common – we love our children fiercely… we may not always agree on parenting approaches or styles, but we can respect each other.  Anyone who connects here and becomes a part of the Mom Light community is doing the best that she can with the resources that she has.

As I kick off this community, I will share some of my stories, but this community doesn’t exist without you!  And the world needs more positivity and support – so we NEED you!

Are you some one who enjoys sharing candid stories of motherhood?  Do you believe that in sharing the challenges we face in our journeys that we create a solidarity… a unique bond… can you laugh at yourself sometimes?  If so, then please join us – be a part of our #momlight #momsquad [corny hashtags I know, but we have to be able to find each other somehow in this crazy Inter-webs world].  I hope that as this community grows we will laugh together, cry together, hell maybe even craft together.

If you’re not sure about this whole #momsquad thing, take a look around [suggested posts] and see if you find something that sparks you or even just entertains you.  And that’s it for my first post 🙂

I hope you stick around!

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